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NxtGen Imaging
Live Sharing Submit Super-Fast Zoom and Pan TrueImage Interface
ID Scientific is announcing NxtGen Imaging, a cloud based service for Forensic Imaging where forensic quality images of identity and financial documents can easily be shared via the web. NxtGen Imaging uses the Remote Imaging Services allowing users to securely and efficiently submit high quality large images to the cloud. Once submitted to the cloud the images can be shared with other users. Imaging devices such as the TrueImage Document Examination Platform (M1000) interface to the Remote Imaging Services with sharing and remote control functionality.
Use and Use Cases
NxtGen Imaging can be used by virtually every sector, including government, producers of documents, banking, gaming, employee verification, field and laboratory examinations.
Training: No longer does a document examiner have to hold a meeting as training can be done via Real- time Sharing. Production: During the process of producing a document, the document can be shared for review many times over the course of production reducing the number of trips to the factory. Examination: Using remote control an examiner can examine a document in question and yield an immediate disposition. Document Transfer: Upload and download large image files at high quality, compressed or uncompressed. No more zip files and email! No size limitations! Marketing and Sales: With the ability to share high quality images via the web NXTGEN IMAGING is an effective tool for marketing and sales.
NxtGen Imaging is available February 2019.